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Areas of Expertise

Therapy is hard work and can sometimes feel like a literal journey! The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is a critical part of that work. My focus is building a strong therapeutic alliance so that you can feel seen, heard, supported and understood while digging deep, being challenged and taking your journey of personal growth at your own pace. I specialize in the following areas…

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Coming Out Later in Life

I help women navigate the often tumultous, yet liberating journey of coming out later in life. It can be a difficult, scary and isolating feeling to leave what's familiar and step into a new life. I understand this first hand. I support women through their journey of self-discovery and help them live a life of true alignment.

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All relationships require work from time to time in order to maintain or re-establish healthy connection. Using a variety of experiential techniques, I help couples learn better ways of communicating and relating to one another. For those couples who are considering redefining or expanding their partnership, I help couples prepare for and navigate various forms of ethical non-monogamy.

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Be it a one time event or an ongoing experience, trauma can have a lasting impact on our lives. It can dictate how we see the world, the people around us and especially ourselves. Using a variety of evidenced based interventions, I help clients to understand the role that trauma has played in their life, begin to heal the wounds it left behind and start to tell themselves a different story.

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Sexual Identity

Which ever color represents you or if you are trying to figure it out, you are welcome here! I work with clients of all ages who are navigating the journey of self actualization. I assist clients with surgery letters, connecting them with other gender affirming services and holding space for inner exploration.

Bird Flying Out of Cage, Freedom Concept, freeing Bird from the cage, bird In cage Set Fre

Stress & Anxiety

Work, family, partners, current events, relationships, even our own thoughts can be a source of stress and anxiety. I assist clients with getting a handle on their anxiety by interrupting negative thought patterns and learning new ways to 'mind your mind. I teach clients about how stress manifests in the body, how to build a new relationship with their body in order to manage life’s stressors.

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